Wrong Way Car Leaves Two Dead on Blue Route

A fatal crash in Marple Township highlights the perils drivers face from trucking accidents on the road. Police reported that a southbound car somehow travelling in the northbound lanes of I-476 collided with a northbound driver in the middle of the night. Moments following that crash, two tractor-trailers behind the crashed cars slammed into them before the drivers could get out of the way. Both car drivers were killed. The two truck drivers were not injured.

One fortunate driver was able to veer out of the way of the two trucks at the last moment. Pending an investigation, police have yet to determine whether the fatalities were caused by the wrong lane driver or the subsequent impact of the two trucks.

In a Pennsylvania truck accident case, determining not only who was at fault ― but also to what degree ― is essential. It is often particularly challenging to assess fault if there are no witnesses, because of death or injury. Under the Pennsylvania comparative negligence standard, if you were more than 50% responsible for a roadway accident, you cannot recover compensation for your accident.

When trucking accidents occur on interstate highways, any violation of federal laws and regulations that contributed to the accident is relevant to attributing responsibility for the accident.

A thorough investigation of the accident might turn up:

  • Post-accident drug-alcohol tests
  • The driving record of a particular truck driver
  • Driver information from the truck’s electronic control module, or ECM

Further examination of the truck drivers and the companies that employ them might reveal an impaired driver, a pattern of reckless driving or drug use, a driver who was exhausted after too many hours on the road, a discrepancy between the actual driving time vs. recorded hours, or similar facts that the accident victim or their family can use to strengthen their claims against both the truck driver and company.

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