Workplace Accidents Can Be Reduced By Better Reporting

Researchers at the Drexel University School of Public Health have concluded that if hospitals and medical clinics were required to report industry and occupational data, more workplace injuries could be prevented. The report states if medical institutions were required to report the reasons for the accidents they treat, this could provide employers with data for better planning and improved safety procedures in the workplace.

Follow the lead set by the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Workplace fatalities are recorded in Pennsylvania by The Bureau of Labor Statistics. The fatality figures are broken down to show the numbers of workers killed on the job, year by year. The Bureau also records the reason for each fatality, the industry in which the worker was employed and the role that they performed. The victim’s age, gender and ethnic background are also recorded. These state figures are compared to the national average. In 2011, the provisionally recorded fatality figure for Pennsylvania dropped to 186 deaths caused by work injuries. This decline may be due to the extensive details reported and the lessons that have been learnt and implemented as a result.

Knowledge of workplace accidents promotes safety at work

The interests of employers and employees are aligned on the issue of wishing to see a reduction in workplace accidents.

Since workers compensation is a no-fault program, demonstrating that an employer has a good safety record is not a defense. However, understanding what causes workplace injuries and what can be done to minimize or avoid them, will benefit not only the workers, but the employers and their insurers responsible for paying out the resulting claims.

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