Wilkes-Barre Law & Library’s Bench Bar Committee Conference 2007

We are pleased to congratulate, Robert D. Schaub, for his leadership as Chairman of the Wilkes-Barre Law and Library’s Bench Bar Committee, which recently provided a successful Bench Bar conference. Approximately 300 attorneys and judges attended the annual event held on November 8, 2007, where they were able to hear presentations on many diverse areas of law. This year’s featured speaker was Thomas Marino, former United States Attorney for the Middle District of Pennsylvania.

Attorney Schaub’s committee was comprised of various members of the Wilkes-Barre Law and Library Association who helped plan the annual conference, including two additional partners of our Firm, Howard M. Levinson and Richard A. Russo.

Attorney Richard A. Russo was also a speaker at this year’s event. Attorney Russo has extensive experience in representing the victims of bad faith claims. His presentation was made at the Civil Litigation workshop where he spoke about insurance company Bad Faith claims and emphasized that Pennsylvania’s “bad faith” laws are the “best and strongest weapon that an insured has to protect himself or herself from being taken advantage of by very powerful insurance companies who elevate their own economic interests over the interests of their insureds.”

Attorney James P. Valentine, Chair of the Firm’s Labor and Employment Law Department, presented at the Labor Law, Arbitration, and Unfair Labor Practice workshop. His presentation was entitled, “Privacy Issues in the Workplace: The Employer’s Right to Monitor Employees in the Workplace.” This topic covered various issues, including the reasons why employers monitor their employees, the ways in which employer may monitor their employees, and the importance of an electronic equipment policy.