Who Should I Choose to Serve as the Executor of My Estate?

Who should I choost to serve as the executor of my estate?

Our estate planning clients frequently ask us: “who should I choose to serve as the executor of my estate?” It is a serious question that requires evaluation and contemplation. As a good coach would say, an executor needs to know his/her her job! However, it is equally important for an estate planning client to understand the job to be performed by the executor, so that the client can select the right person to serve in that role. Therefore, the first stop for a person seeking to have his or her will prepared should be to meet with an estates attorney to gain an understanding of these issues. If you are interested in learning more about these estate planning services, contact Catherine Mihalick (cmihalick@rjglaw.com) of our Estates & Tax Department. We can help you select an executor and guide you through the estate planning process.