Physician Shortages Override Noncompete Agreements

Claire Turcotte, Esq.
Physician’s News Digest, January 2006

In Wellspan Health v. Bayliss (2005), the Pennsylvania Superior Court held that the public’s interest in access to specialty care was superior to the business interests of a hospital system. Wellspan is also noteworthy because, for the first time, the Court held that a hospital system’s referral base was a business interest that could be protected by enforcing a noncompete agreement (also called a restrictive covenant) against a formerly employed physician.
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RJ&G Employee Recognized for Life-Saving Efforts

An employee at Rosenn Jenkins & Greenwald’s Wilkes-Barre office was recognized yesterday for her efforts in sustaining the lives of four individuals following an accident last July.

Lynette Van Fleet-Millet, an administrative assistant with the firm, was awarded the Certificate of Merit by the American Red Cross for her role in aiding four motorcycle accident victims on July 25, 2005.
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Focus Magazine Highlights RJ&G’s Philanthropic Roots in Feature Story

Focus Magazine, April 2004 – Law with Heart: Giving Back at RJG

By: Phoebe Sharp

The law firm of Rosenn, Jenkins and Greenwald celebrates its fiftieth anniversary this May. It is the largest and oldest law firm in NEPA. It has expanded beyond its original Wilkes-Barre location to include offices in Hazleton, Scranton and Milford. Yet, somehow, it continues to keep a firm grip on the values and ethics of its founders.
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Uninsured Motorist Claims in Pennsylvania and Judicial Corruption

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court recently reinstated a controversial ruling that had been issued by corrupt former Luzerne County judge Michael Conahan. The new ruling was issued in the Forester Vanderhoff v. Harleysville Insurance case, and it restored a 2004 decision by Conahan that allowed the case to be brought to arbitration. The case involved claims of a so-called “phantom vehicle” causing a car crash when a truck driver rear-ended a car in Hanover Township.
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Teenage Distracted Driving in Pennsylvania and House Bill 67

Distracted driving is not unique to teenagers. Adults also talk on cell phones, sip coffee, change CDs and do all sorts of other things that take their eyes off the road.

But the problem of distracted driving is especially challenging for teenagers because they are still learning to drive. Teens seem to know this, too. A recent poll conducted by AAA and Seventeen magazine showed that although 84 percent of teens know it’s dangerous to drive while distracted, 86 percent of them admit to having done so.
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