RJ&G Employee Recognized for Life-Saving Efforts

An employee at Rosenn Jenkins & Greenwald’s Wilkes-Barre office was recognized yesterday for her efforts in sustaining the lives of four individuals following an accident last July.

Lynette Van Fleet-Millet, an administrative assistant with the firm, was awarded the Certificate of Merit by the American Red Cross for her role in aiding four motorcycle accident victims on July 25, 2005.

While driving, Van Fleet-Millet encountered an accident involving an SUV and several motorcycles. Using her training in American Red Cross First Aid and Adult CPR/AED, she surveyed the scene and began CPR on one of the victims. Moving on to each victim, Van Fleet-Millet continued providing first aid herself while instructing others how to do so. Undoubtedly the skills learned by Van Fleet-Millet in her firm-provided training contributed to sustaining/saving the victims’ lives.

The Certificate of Merit is the highest award given by the American Red Cross to an individual or team of individuals who saves or sustains a life by using skills and knowledge learned in an American Red Cross Health and Safety Services course. The certificate bears the signature of the President of the United States, who is the honorary chairman of the American Red Cross, and the signature of the chairman of the American Red Cross. Van Fleet-Millet is one of only 18,000 people who have received this honor since 1911.

The presentation of the award took place during the Red Cross’s 2005 Annual Meeting at the East Mountain Inn in Wilkes-Barre, and was attended by Van Fleet-Millet’s family and co-workers.