Restaurants and Bars in Yellow Phase Counties can Open Outdoor Seating Beginning on June 5th

Restaurant and Bar Owners: Governor Wolf has announced that, beginning on June 5th, restaurants and retail food service businesses located in counties in the “yellow phase” of the Process to Reopen Pennsylvania are permitted to add dine-in service in outdoor seating areas, provided that the restaurant complies with Commonwealth guidance for the restaurant industry. Further, retail food service businesses, including restaurants and bars, located in counties in the “green phase” are now permitted to provide dine-in service in both indoor and outdoor seating areas, so long as they strictly adhere to the requirements of the Commonwealth guidance. To read more about Governor Wolf’s announcement, click here:

If you operate a restaurant or bar and would like to learn more about the steps that must be taken to comply with the Commonwealth’s guidance for the restaurant industry, please contact Paul Rushton ( or Christyan Telech ( of our Business & Finance Department. We can help!