In order for property to pass properly from one owner to the other, the title should be free and clear of any encumbrances.

Title insurance helps protect an owner’s interest in land by ensuring that title to the property was valid when it was received. If title was not valid, it may be possible to bring a lawsuit against the title insurance company.

In order to use these regulations to your advantage, it is critical to partner with an experienced attorney — a real estate lawyer with in-depth knowledge of all federal, state or local government laws that may affect you.

At Rosenn Jenkins & Greenwald, LLP, we use our in-depth knowledge to help our clients achieve the best possible results in land use matters. Our work includes obtaining land development and use approvals from a municipal planner and appearing on behalf of private, public and non-profit entities before municipal zoning and planning boards.


Clients at our Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania-based law firm include big box retailers seeking municipal approval for new development, developers handling residential or commercial development projects, construction companies and individual homeowners facing residential real estate problems.


Because our attorneys collectively have a broad spectrum of real estate experience, we offer experienced legal counsel for many diverse projects, from industrial parks to residential development. When we take a project, we have the capacity to handle all aspects of a matter, including the issues listed below:

  • Zoning issues: appearing on behalf of private, public and non-profit entities before municipal zoning boards
  • Urban planning: obtaining land development and use approvals from municipal planners
  • Creating industrial parks through representing industrial development authorities
  • Representing developers of strip shopping centers and residential housing complexes
  • Compliance with environmental regulations
  • Negotiating and drafting oil and gas leases
  • Acquiring proper permits
  • Representing condemners and condemnees in eminent domain proceedings
  • Alternative energy/solar and wind energy


Our practice focuses on representing the interests of companies and individuals associated with the expanding development of renewable energy and other energy sources, including wind farms, solar energy, natural gas, coal and oil. Providing a broad spectrum of legal services to developers, investors, utilities and project owners, our team of experienced attorneys implement legal strategies that are specifically tailored to protect our clients’ interests. We have the capacity to draft and negotiate power purchase agreements, leases and other renewable energy contracts. We can also assist with permitting and compliance with state and federal regulatory requirements, and can help our clients manage issues of finance, taxation, tax credits and other incentives.

Oil and Gas Law

The Marcellus Shale formation has created new opportunities for natural gas exploration and energy development throughout northern and western Pennsylvania. With energy development has come new found wealth for many individuals and expansion opportunities for businesses. However, this development is not without problems. The drilling and extraction process for natural gas contained in the Marcellus Shale beds poses many environmental, engineering and financial concerns.

Get Experienced Land Use and Zoning Counsel

We can help our clients address oil and gas law concerns. Our experienced legal team uses years of experience to protect our clients’ interests and maximize wealth in land use transactions affected by oil and gas law issues. To speak with a Wilkes-Barre land use attorney, contact Rosenn Jenkins & Greenwald, LLP.
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