Rosenn Jenkins & Greenwald, LLP’s real estate department represents commercial landlords and business tenants throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania in a wide variety of commercial lease matters.

For nearly 60 years, our lawyers have worked with businesses throughout the region in commercial lease disputes, negotiation, drafting and review for industrial and commercial tenants and landlords, as well as other transactional and litigation real estate matters.

Erroneous Assessments of Real Estate Taxes

As our region has grown, so has the number of inaccurately assessed properties for tax purposes. Tax assessments are generally based on the way the county estimates the value of your property. But when the assessment is erroneous or does not reflect your property’s true market value, your tax bill, whether you’re a residential or commercial property owner, may be unfair, elevated and burdensome. This estimate may be based on an incorrect valuation based on a prior owner’s land value — and there is no way to adjust the tax rate without appealing it. If you do not appeal, you’ll pay more in taxes than you should for as long as you own your property — and its sale value will be decreased because of the erroneous calculation, with too much money going toward the tax bill.

The attorneys at Rosenn Jenkins & Greenwald, LLP are very familiar with the tax codes in Pennsylvania, as well as the local property tax regimes in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Bear in mind that there is a specific period in which an appeal can be filed and our team can challenge the erroneous tax assessment. There are also exceptions for new construction and additions to homes, demolitions and renovations. Our lawyers can help guide you through the complex real estate tax appeals process in Pennsylvania.

Get Experienced Tax Appeal Assistance

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