Product Recall Puts Pennsylvania Company Out of Business

The manufacturer of a baby recliner has closed up shop after 150,000 units of its product were recalled. Baby Matters LLC of Pennsylvania, designed and sold various baby recliners between 2009 and 2012. The recliner’s design is intended to mimic a baby car seat and reduce the effect of reflux so that babies can sleep more peacefully. The product, which traded under the names of Nap Nanny and Chill, was cited as a possible reason for the deaths of five infants and over 90 reported injuries.

The injuries were allegedly sustained by children falling out of the chair. Others were left dangling by their harnesses while still strapped in. Initially, the manufacturer denied that its product was the cause of any injuries or fatalities, and claimed that its safety instructions had not been properly followed by parents and caregivers. The company has since cooperated with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) in an extensive product recall. Baby Matters LLC, whose sole business was the production of these seats, has now gone out of business.

Consumer Product Safety Commission pursues product recalls

Although it was publicized as a voluntary recall, Baby Matters LLC only agreed to stop selling their products and abide by the CPSC recommendations after an administrative case was filed against the company. The negative press that Baby Matters LLC attracted effectively sealed the end of its trade. In addition, the administrative case brought by CPSC has effectively made it illegal to sell, manufacture or import Baby Matter’s products.

Not all product recalls have such severe consequences, but when babies and children are at risk, the CPSC acts swiftly. Its website lists all current product recalls and Babies and Kids products have their own category.

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