True or false? A drowning is usually the fault of the swimmer who took calculated risks.

Many people tend to believe this when it comes to assigning responsibility after a swimming-related fatality. Yes, some people drown because they did not know how to swim, did not use common sense safety precautions or swam in waters with hidden hazards. A drop-off in a lake bottom or diving in a shallow area of a swimming pool may be identified as the reason for a drowning accident that a swimmer could have avoided through exercise of caution.

If you suffered a serious injury in a swimming accident or if your loved one drowned in a swimming pool, lake or Jacuzzi, talk to an attorney for advice.

People and Organizations Who May be Responsible

many other types of drowning accidents have other explanations. Detailed investigations often reveal negligence by another person or organization that ultimately caused the accidental death in a swimming pool or lake:

  • Hotel or resort management
  • Owners or manufacturers of boats: private motorboats, skiing boats, fishing boats or tour boats
  • Intoxicated boat operators
  • Marina owners
  • Jet Ski manufacturers

There are sometimes sources of liability that an ordinary person would not think of, such as ski or life jacket manufacturers. An experienced, insightful and determined personal injury lawyer can often find those sources of financial compensation. Uncovering available monetary relief can make a great difference for a family left with expenses and losses after a drowning death takes a loved one’s life. It is important to have a drowning incident reviewed by a knowledgeable attorney before accepting a settlement offer from any potentially liable party.

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