If you have been affected by a burn injury, you may be wondering where to begin.

While the effects of a severe burn tend to diminish with time, they will continue to affect your life for years to come. And the more serious the burn, the greater the effects.

At Rosenn Jenkins & Greenwald LLP, located in northeastern Pennsylvania, our burn injury lawyers believe that victims of serious burns resulting from another’s negligence deserve compensation for their injuries. We help them seek this compensation in Pennsylvania courts, so that they can have the resources necessary to move forward with their lives.

A Reputation of Success

By obtaining favorable settlements and jury verdicts, we are able to help victims pay for medical expenses, make up for lost wages, get reimbursed for legal costs and gain closure. The lawsuits we file also draw attention to negligent behavior and even prevent burn injuries from happening to others in the future. By forcing negligent people and businesses to pay punitive damages, we help courts send a clear message: Negligent, careless and reckless actions that cause burns are simply unacceptable.

The Long-Term Effects of a Burn Injury

As many people with burn injuries know all too well, severe burns have many negative consequences for injury victims. Lost skin leaves the body vulnerable to infection, and damage to internal organs may mean decreased mobility and quality of life. Damage to the lungs from inhaling superheated air can very quickly reach critical levels. An intense burn injury may even bring on wrongful death.

Since scar tissue usually replaces lost skin, permanent disfigurement is a significant problem for burn victims. Extensive scarring means a lifetime of difficulty controlling internal body temperature and sensitivity to the sun. Though new medical methods are always being developed, all of these problems continue to affect many victims to this day.

Our goal is to help burn injury victims deal with the long-term effects of their injuries, so we support them with whatever legal services they need. We are extremely responsive to our clients. Our senior partners often work directly with clients. We answer phone calls and promptly return any messages left.

Get Experienced Serious Injury Counsel

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