The icy and snowy weather conditions in northeastern Pennsylvania can make winter a dangerous time.

Slip and fall accidents are common as property owners fail to effectively remove ice from parking lots, sidewalks, handicap ramps and driveways.

At Rosenn Jenkins & Greenwald LLP, we represent people who have been injured by slippery winter conditions. Located in northeast Pennsylvania, we are dedicated to achieving the best possible results for clients by taking legal action.

Established in 1954, Rosenn Jenkins & Greenwald LLP is northeastern Pennsylvania’s oldest and largest law firm. Over the years, we have established a record of success handling a broad spectrum of cases, including serious and complex personal injury litigation.

Pennsylvania's Laws on Ice and Snow Accidents

Attorneys at Rosenn Jenkins & Greenwald LLP have in-depth knowledge of Pennsylvania premises liability laws. These laws can be quite complex. Many people are surprised to discover that liability in Pennsylvania often depends on the texture of the ice. If the ice is smooth like glass, plaintiffs cannot recover for their injuries. However, rough ice with hills and ridges — ice that has thawed and re-frozen — often leads to successful personal injury claims. There are a few notable exceptions to this rule, so it is important to talk with an attorney before deciding whether or not you have a case.

Case Preparation

Because the texture of the ice is so important, we often ask our clients to take pictures of the conditions that caused their slip-and-fall accidents. These pictures serve as valuable evidence of the conditions that led to the personal injury. We recommend that our clients act early to preserve this evidence and increase their chances of succeeding in litigation.

If some time has passed, it is still a good idea to talk with a lawyer about your slip-and-fall accident. Other evidence may be used to prove your case, like witness testimony or security camera recordings of the fall.

Get Experienced Ice & Snow Accident Counsel

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