Pennsylvania animal control law requires that dog owners keep control of their animals at all times, restraining it with a collar or chain, or keeping it fenced in on the property.

When dog owners violate these laws and their dogs attack, the law holds them responsible for the damage. Under certain circumstances, landlords can also be held liable for attacks by a tenant’s dog.

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In Pennsylvania, personal injury law can be complex. In the past, the law allowed dogs “one free bite,” but things changed. The law now holds dog owners accountable for dog attacks — even if the dog has never harmed anyone before.

Dangerous Dogs

The law also places certain requirements on the owners of dangerous dogs. These owners must register their dogs as dangerous and maintain special insurance that covers personal injuries inflicted by the dog.

In order to be considered a dangerous dog, the animal must meet certain requirements, including some of the requirements listed below:

  • It has caused a severe injury on a person in the past without provocation.
  • It has killed or injured another animal in the past.
  • It has attacked a person without provocation.
  • It has been used in the commission of a crime.

Minors and Dogs

Many of the victims of dog bites are children. Often at eye level with the dog, children are likely to sustain serious injuries to the face. Many sustain scarring and disfigurement, and must undergo reconstructive surgeries.

More than just the physical effects of the dog bite, children experience lasting emotional consequences — some as serious as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Some struggle with lifelong fears associated with a dog attack, as well as the social consequences of facial scarring.

At Rosenn, Jenkins & Greenwald LLP, we hold dog owners accountable for both the physical and mental consequences of a dog attack by filing personal injury lawsuits in Pennsylvania state courts.

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