When someone enters a nursing home, it is because they are no longer able to take care of themselves properly.

One of the greatest risks for many elderly people is being injured in a fall. A broken hip or injury that keeps them from walking could lead to other serious problems, including bedsores and pneumonia. For that reason, preventing slip-and-fall accidents is one of the first priorities of any nursing home facility.

In our law offices in Scranton, Hazleton and Wilkes-Barre, nursing home injury lawyers hear many reports of alleged neglect taking place in long-term care facilities. Family members often notice and bring to our attention injuries suffered by their loved ones in facilities that are supposed to protect and care for the elderly and disabled.

A detailed investigation may find that nursing home caregivers were negligent in the case of a fall injury, a medication error or lack of care leading to infection of a wound. In other cases, the nursing home staff may have no blame, such as when bruising turns out to be a symptom of an illness. Caring family members often seek our law firm’s assistance in finding out the truth and pursuing compensation when there is clear negligence. Other family members are less interested in financial compensation than they are in helping to ensure that a nursing home corrects its procedures and prevents harm to future residents.

The Most Common Complaints of Nursing Home Neglect

Specific complaints often include one or more of the following allegations:

  • Bedsores
  • Dehydration
  • Malnourishment
  • Falls from bed, falls from chairs, falls from lifts or falls occurring while a patient is walking through the halls
  • Wandering off
  • Infection of wounds
  • Unexplained bruising or other signs of possible physical abuse

Medication Errors

One of the most basic responsibilities of a nursing home is to make sure residents receive their proper medications in a timely manner. Failure to do so can result in serious medical problems that nursing homes are simply not qualified to handle. If you or someone you love has suffered an injury or illness as the result of a medication error, talk to an experienced lawyer who can help you through the recovery process.

If you have a loved one in a nursing home or long-term care facility, you expect their basic health concerns to be addressed properly by trained professionals. Administering their prescriptions in the correct dose at the correct time is standard procedure. Unfortunately, errors that put residents in jeopardy occur all too often. Our firm handles a number of nursing home medication error claims, including:

  • Incorrect medication
  • Improper dosage
  • Failure to renew prescription
  • Neglect

Nursing Home Falls

What led to your loved one’s nursing home fall accident? Nursing home facilities understand the potential risks facing elderly and infirm residents. The failure to properly monitor residents or provide basic safeguards can easily lead to accidents. All it takes is one wrong step. Our firm handles slip-and-fall accidents involving the following:

  • Falls from bed
  • Falls from chairs
  • Falls from lifts
  • Wandering off
  • Unexplained bruising

Our Approach

Family members are often the first people to notice the signs of nursing home neglect, so do not hesitate to raise your concerns with a lawyer who can help you assess your options.

At Rosenn, Jenkins and Greenwald, LLP, our Wilkes-Barre attorneys are dedicated to protecting the rights of injured nursing home patients. If someone you love has been seriously injured in a slip-and-fall accident or as the result of a medication error, we can help you determine what actually led to their injuries and make sure they have access to proper care.

Our firm works with outside experts to conduct thorough investigations and properly evaluate the circumstances of your loved one’s accident. We can recognize the signs of elder neglect, and we will take every step to make sure the guilty party is held accountable and your loved one receives fair compensation.

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