The elderly are an easy target for people in a position to take advantage of them. Unfortunately, that usually means people who they have to trust.

Nursing home management and caretakers take advantage of this trust to abuse the elderly both physically and financially. If you believe someone you love has been the victim of elder care abuse, find out more about what you can do to protect their rights.

Family member are often the first people to notice signs of abuse in their elderly relatives. If you have any reason to be suspicious of wrongdoing, do not hesitate to talk to a lawyer familiar with these complex cases.

At Rosenn, Jenkins and Greenwald, LLP, our Wilkes-Barre elder care abuse attorneys are dedicated to protecting the rights of people who are no longer able to protect themselves. As one of the oldest and largest firms in northeast Pennsylvania, we have the resources and the experience to handle these complex cases and protect our clients.

Forms of Elder Abuse

Elder care abuse can take many different forms, and it can happen in many different setting, including nursing homes, hospitals and even at home with private caretakers. Our firm has extensive experience handling all types of elder law abuse cases, including:

  • Financial abuse: One of the most common types of elder abuse is financial exploitation. Many elderly people know they must do things to take care of their health as they get older. Some people see this as an opportunity to charge them for services they do not need or never even provided. Keep a close eye on your loved one’s bills and overall finances. Unexplained losses could be the result of financial abuse or outright theft.
  • Physical abuse: If you notice bruising or other signs of possible physical abuse, it could be a result of an elder care injury. Even if your loved one does not know where it came from, we can help you get answers.

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