In the vast majority of cases, insurance companies readily honor their clients’ legitimate claims.

However, insurance companies sometimes act in bad faith — denying coverage for expenses they think they can manage to avoid.

These companies employ unfair tactics or fail to respond to claims in an efficient and timely manner. They make it difficult for policyholders to collect the claims they are owed, hoping that you will just give up and go away.

If your insurance company is using unfair tactics against you, you should know that Pennsylvania law protects you. The law supports insureds and forces insurance companies to pay whenever policyholders have valid complaints.

At Rosenn Jenkins & Greenwald LLP, we stand up for insurance policyholders. If you believe that your claim has been mishandled, our northeastern Pennsylvania law firm may be able to help you bring the problem to a satisfying conclusion. If necessary, we will take your case to trial to help you achieve the best possible results.

Our insurance bad faith attorneys have amassed years of experience dealing with disputes on all of these grounds, filing insurance bad faith lawsuits related to auto insurance, disability insurance, homeowner’s insurance and commercial insurance.

  • Commercial/Business/Individual Insurance: Who was ultimately responsible for loss incurred in the case of rented lift equipment that fell through a sidewalk, causing injury and property damage? The building owner? The rental company? The equipment manufacturer? The municipality? Cases of this type typically involve complex issues that are best evaluated by an aggressive, knowledgeable lawyer. Learn More
  • Disability Insurance: After years of paying disability insurance premiums, you are now attempting to make a claim for benefits, and your insurer is responding with endless stalling techniques. Learn More

There are several ways that insurance companies can commit bad faith violations:

  • Denying coverage for legitimate claims
  • Failing to investigate claims within a reasonable time
  • Failing to keep you informed of the claim’s progress
  • Accepting your claim, but not paying it
  • Neglecting to tell you why your claim was denied

We understand that, when an insurance company has betrayed your trust, it can be difficult to put still more trust in a lawyer. At Rosenn Jenkins & Greenwald LLP, we place great emphasis on making you comfortable with the legal system. We will talk with you in-depth about your options and provide clear answers to your insurance bad faith FAQs.

Depending on the severity of your insurance company’s bad faith, you may be able to seek damages in excess of the amount denied by the insurance company. This extra amount may cover legal fees, interest on delayed payments and punitive damages, among other items.

The law is designed to punish insurance companies that fail to live up to their obligations, but bringing them to justice is easier said than done. You can be sure that the insurance companies will come into any bad faith dispute with high powered attorneys on their side. While many lawyers are unwilling to represent people against powerful corporate defendants that employ high-powered law firms and large-scale insurance carriers, Rosenn, Jenkins & Greenwald LLP has the resources necessary to handle these complex cases.

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