Truckers are well connected to the trucking companies they work for. They receive regular updates about the weather conditions in the places they are traveling and have more than enough notice when entering areas that are covered in snow, fog or ice.

As professionals with commercial drivers’ licenses (CDLs), they have a duty to properly operate their semi-trucks in these most dangerous conditions. This duty comes from more than just the reasonable caution that all drivers must use. It exists due to federal regulations that require commercial truck drivers to stop their vehicle in certain weather conditions.

At Rosenn Jenkins & Greenwald LLP, we are familiar with the special rules for commercial drivers and we know when drivers fail to follow them. Our team of personal injury attorneys holds truck drivers and trucking companies accountable for the harm caused when trucks are involved in weather-related accidents.

Our Approach

Many of the people who first contact us are mothers and wives of people who have been injured in truck accidents. As the caretakers in their families, they are looking for the best ways to protect the health and the interests of the people they love.

These family members are often unsure what to do. They wonder how the personal injury process works and what types of help are available to help their loved ones get better. At Rosenn, our job is to de-mystify the process. We explain exactly what to do and why. Working with you from the moment we take your case until it is resolved, we are accessible and compassionate lawyers who truly care about seeking justice for our clients.

The approach we take often depends on the seriousness of your injuries. When cases involve the wrongful death of a loved one or life-changing injuries such as spinal cord injuries, brain injuries or amputations, we often partner with experts to achieve the best possible results. These experts include life care planners and medical experts who can outline the kind of treatment your loved one will need.

Get Experienced Counsel

If you or a family member have suffered a personal injury in a truck accident, talking to an attorney is the best way to begin your journey toward obtaining justice. Contact any of our northeastern Pennsylvania offices in Wilkes-Barre or Hazleton to speak with a Berwick truck accident lawyer.
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