A fully-loaded tractor trailer weighs about 80,000 pounds, which is equal to 40 tons.

At such an immense size and traveling at excessive speeds, tractor trailers are one of the most lethal weapons entrusted to citizens.

While it is critical that they are operated by competent drivers, it is even more critical that semi-trucks are maintained properly. Failure to properly maintain brakes, tires or other parts can lead to serious personal injury and even wrongful death.

Holding Trucking Companies Accountable

At Rosenn Jenkins & Greenwald LLP, we hold trucking companies accountable when maintenance problems lead to truck accidents. Our team of experienced personal injury attorneys has in-depth knowledge of the regulations on truck maintenance. We know when a truck was not maintained properly and partner with experts to determine whether or not that maintenance error caused the truck accident.

Our northeastern Pennsylvania law firm takes immediate action as soon as we accept a truck accident case. As your attorneys, we begin preparing for trial while evidence is still fresh. We can photograph skid marks before the weather washes them away and document the condition of trucks before repairs are made. We also talk to witnesses while their memories are still fresh, preserving details that are often critical to the outcome of your case.

If you have been injured, it is critical to contact us while this evidence is still available. We have the resources necessary to spring into action and protect your interests.

Taking On Insurance Companies

At Rosenn, Jenkins & Greenwald LLP, we work with individuals and their families to confront even the largest of corporate defendants with the utmost confidence. The vast legal resources and manpower needed to build a strong truck accident case on your behalf are readily accessible due to the large size of our firm and our stalwart commitment to representing everyday victims of personal injury offenses.

Insurance defense attorneys and the insurance companies they work for know our record of success. When they hear that Rosenn Jenkins & Greenwald LLP has the case, they take matters seriously. This often means making favorable settlement offers or settling the case instead of going to trial.

Get Experienced Counsel

Contact any of our northeastern Pennsylvania offices in Wilkes-Barre or Hazleton for a free and confidential consultation with a Scranton trucking accident lawyer. For our clients’ convenience, we also offer home or hospital visits to seriously injured clients.
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