Drivers of cars that share the road with large trucks should be aware of the dangers of driving within a truck’s blind spot.

Sometimes trucks have graphics on them warning other motorists of this hazard. Whether or not there are explicit warnings painted on the side of a truck, a driver should realize that if he or she cannot see the truck driver in the truck’s side mirror, then it stands to reason that the truck driver also cannot see the car.

However, being aware of a truck’s blind spot is one thing and successfully staying away from it is another. Sometimes drivers of cars are forced into trucks’ blind spots because of traffic congestion or narrowing of lanes in construction zones. Sometimes cars are caught in blind spots of trucks when the tractor-trailer swings out wide when turning. Both of these scenarios have created the circumstances that injured or killed motorists in serious car-truck accidents.

Launch a Detailed Investigation

If you have suffered a catastrophic injury or if a loved one has been killed in a truck accident, contact a personal truck accident attorney with ample experience handling accidents involving commercial vehicles. Seek out a lawyer who is ready to launch a detailed investigation into the causes and circumstances of your truck accident and to hold negligent parties responsible. Perhaps you were cut off in traffic, forcing you into the blind spot of a truck. Rosenn, Jenkins & Greenwald LLP is prepared to get to the bottom of your serious truck accident and help you pursue and obtain the compensation that you are entitled to.

Get Experienced Counsel Regarding Blind Spots and Truck Accidents

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