Trucks on the road are hazards for other motorists even under ideal circumstances, because of their sheer size and weight.

There is rarely if ever merely a fender bender involving a car and a truck. Usually, any collision at all between a car and truck is disastrous for the occupants of the car. Hazards increase when a driver disobeys traffic laws, such as by running a red light or driving through a stop sign.

Sometimes a truck driver finds himself unable to stop quickly enough when encountering a red light or stop sign, and “has to” run on through the intersection; perhaps because the road is heading uphill and the truck, weighing many tons, cannot easily stop, or because of traffic congestion or visibility problems.

In other cases, a truck driver may frankly run through a red light or stop sign on purpose in a warehouse district in a small town, for example. He may do this for the sake of convenience and to save time, perhaps believing no other traffic is approaching the intersection. The driver of a car, meanwhile, may be less than alert and not realize in time that the truck is approaching the intersection and is not going to stop. In some cases, a driver of a car or motorcycle doesn’t see a truck at all in time to stop and collides with the truck as it runs a red light or stop sign.

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Carelessness in a matter of seconds often results in serious or catastrophic injury or death to other motorists in the case of a truck accident caused by running a red light or stop sign.

What were the circumstances and the cause of the car-truck crash that injured you or killed your loved one in Scranton, Hazleton or Wilkes-Barre? Truck driver negligence? Attorney analysis assisted by the work of an accident reconstructionist may uncover the truth and supply the evidence needed to persuade insurance claims adjusters to compensate the injured adequately. Rosenn, Jenkins & Greenwald LLP has helped many injured people recover compensation after truck accidents involving special circumstances such as disobedience of a traffic signal by a truck driver.

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