The Utica and Marcellus shale formations have created new opportunities for natural gas exploration and energy development throughout northern and western Pennsylvania.

With energy development has come newfound wealth for individuals and expansion opportunities for businesses. However, this development is not without problems. The drilling and extraction processes for natural gas contained in the Marcellus shale beds pose a host of environmental, engineering and financial concerns.

At Rosenn Jenkins & Greenwald, LLP, we can help our clients address oil and gas law concerns. Our experienced legal team draws upon years of experience to protect our clients’ interests and maximize wealth in land use transactions affected by oil and gas law issues.

  • Royalty Disputes: If you are disputing your royalty payments with the oil or gas company to which you granted rights, contact the oil and gas team at Rosenn, Jenkins & Greenwald LLP to determine what your options are. Learn More
  • Lease Disputes: If an oil company landman or lawyer comes your way, you want a skilled lawyer with knowledge and understanding of pipeline right-of-way agreements and oil and gas leases to make certain your rights are protected. Learn More
  • Pipeline Issues: Beyond lease issues, there are many other issues you might face, including needing to manage environmental claims, such as oil or gas leaks, and pipeline issues involving the transport of the oil or gas away from your property. Although the presence of oil and gas on your property may mean significant income, a Rosenn Jenkins & Greenwald, LLP attorney can help you deal with the potential for groundwater contamination, environmental impact studies and zoning issues, among other possible issues. Learn More
  • Fracking Environmental Claims: If you are a landowner concerned about environmental damage to your property or the reclamation of land used in the course of an oil and gas drilling agreement, Rosenn Jenkins & Greenwald, LLP may be able to assist you. Learn More

Other Areas of Service

Hunting Clubs: Sometimes potentially lucrative gas properties are owned by hunting clubs or other associations formed for a purpose other than making money for the members through the operation of a business. The conversion of hunting clubs and similar entities into a different form promotes more business-like management, as well as tax efficient withdrawal of profits by the owners, while simultaneously protecting the interests of the members in the continuation of a club, if desired.

Protecting our Clients’ Rights in Oil and Gas Leases

Because we’ve seen so many problems with oil and gas leases, we strongly recommend that you speak with an attorney before signing an oil or gas lease agreement. If you are facing a property or royalty dispute involving an existing lease or have been presented with a potential lease from a company, our attorneys can review the terms of the proposed lease, ensuring that you have a team looking out for your property and financial interests.

Depending on your needs, the Rosenn Jenkins & Greenwald, LLP team can review and negotiate numerous issues on your behalf, including:

  • Amount and timing of royalty payments
  • Payments and compensation for the loss in property value following completion of oil and gas extraction
  • Renewal and secondary term provisions
  • Grants of free oil and gas as a benefit from the lease

One issue that many Pennsylvanians have encountered is the need to make certain, through the lease agreement, that the energy companies are prohibited from destroying or misusing the leased land during extraction. Our goal is to make sure that your land, your family and your rights are protected.

Maximizing Benefits and Limiting Risks of Oil and Gas Development

When individuals and families own property that becomes the subject of oil and gas leasing, property owners need counsel and assistance to assure that the property is owned and operated by the appropriate business entity. Rosenn Jenkins & Greenwald, LLP lawyers help property owners select from a wide array of potential types of business entities, including limited liability companies, limited partnerships, and S-corporations.

Get Experienced Oil & Gas Lease Counsel

At Rosenn Jenkins & Greenwald, LLP, our lawyers can assist in protecting your rights and the valuable substances underground. With offices in Wilkes-Barre and Tunkhannock and nearly 60 years of experience in all aspects of Pennsylvania law, we can help with any land use need. Contact us online or call 570-826-5600.
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