New Pro-Consumer Legislation Proposed

Legislation was recently introduced in the Pennsylvania state legislature: a Senate bill that levels the playing field for victims of bad faith on the part of insurance companies and a House bill designed to help consumers make more informed choices when purchasing automobile insurance. On the plain English bill, PaTLA President Ruben Honik said, “Pennsylvanians deserve to have their rights under their auto insurance policies explained in easy-to-understand language.  Lawyers learn the word ‘torts’ in law school but who else really knows what that means?  Insurance companies should be compelled to speak to us in plain English and consumers shouldn’t be expected to hire lawyers to understand insurance policies they sign up for.”

Andrew Bigda, one of the personal injury attorneys at Rosenn, Jenkins & Greenwald, agreed, acknowledging that “our personal injury attorneys see a countless number of accident victims who are totally unaware of what tort option they had selected.”  Attorney Rick Russo, the Chairman of our Personal Injury practice, added, “most consumers do not understand the legal significance of selecting full tort rather than of limited tort, and our Firm is committed to helping consumers make informed choices on the important questions that they face every time they purchase vehicle insurance in Pennsylvania.”