Ensure Your Business is Complying with the New Safety Orders that Took Effect on July 15th

On Wednesday, July 15th, Governor Wolf’s Administration issued safety orders which, among other things: (i) prohibited businesses from holding indoor gatherings of 25 or more people; (ii) required businesses “to conduct their operations in whole or in part remotely,” unless not possible to do so; and (iii) placed specific restrictions on bars, restaurants and private catered events, nightclubs, gyms and fitness facilities. Such safety orders took effect as of midnight, Eastern Time, on July 15th.

The attorneys at Rosenn Jenkins & Greenwald are regularly monitoring safety orders and guidance issued by the Wolf Administration which are applicable to Pennsylvania state businesses and non-profits and aimed at addressing the COVID-19 pandemic. Please contact Jim Valentine (jvalentine@rjglaw.com) or Kieran Casey (kcasey@rjglaw.com) if your organization has any questions or requires any assistance with respect to such safety orders and guidance.