Consult Our Attorneys Before Allowing an Oil and Gas Company to Place a Pipeline on Your Property

Consult our attorneys before allowing an oil and gas company to place a pipeline on your property

Before granting an easement or right-of-way that would allow an oil and gas company to place a pipeline on your property, there are many issues you should consider and have addressed to your satisfaction. For example, you will want to confirm the precise location of the pipeline to ensure that it will not obstruct or interfere with the current or proposed use of your property. You should also make sure that your agreement with the oil and gas company entitles you to be compensated if any damage is caused to your property as part of the construction of the pipeline and that appropriate insurances are in place with respect thereto. Consideration should also be given to the instances in which the easement or right-of-way will or can be terminated and the compensation to be paid to you by the oil and gas company.

The attorneys in our Real Estate Department have experience in representing clients in connection with pipeline agreements and various other oil and gas issues. If you have been approached about granting a pipeline easement or right-of-way or entering into another agreement with an oil and gas company, please contact (i) Tom MacNeely, the Department’s Chair (, (ii) Dan Taroli (, or (iii) one of the other attorneys in the Department to ensure that your rights are protected.