Congratulations to Attorneys Bob Schaub and Mike Sowinski for Successfully Defending a Municipality’s Right to Choose Contractors

Congratulations to attorneys Bob Schaub and Mike Sowinski on successfully defending a municipality's right to choose a contractor

Bob Schaub and Mike Sowinski, attorneys with Rosenn, Jenkins & Greenwald’s Litigation Department, were recently successful in defending a municipality’s right to choose the lowest responsible bidder in a competitively bid, time sensitive construction project in the Northern Tier. A general contracting bidder filed an emergency injunction alleging the municipality disregarded the lowest bid submitted for a general contracting project. Attorneys Schaub and Sowinski secured a decision in favor of the municipality and the project continued with the lowest responsible bidder of the municipality’s choosing, and awarded any delays and increased costs.

If you require assistance protecting a municipality’s interests with respect to the selection of contractors for a construction project, contact Bob Schaub (, Mike Sowinski ( or one of the other attorneys at Rosenn, Jenkins & Greenwald (570-826-5600). We can help!