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Atty. Russo Again Named to Best Lawyers in America

We are proud to announce that our partner, Richard A. Russo, has been selected by his peers for inclusion in the 26th Edition of The Best Lawyers in America in the area of Personal Injury Litigation – Plaintiffs.

Rick is the Chairman of our firm’s Personal Injury Practice, where he represents people who have been injured through the fault of another, or who are involved in disputes with insurance companies. Many of you may have seen Rick in RJG television commercials or in Rick’s Tips which appear on FaceBook. Rick handles many different types of personal injury matters, including tractor-trailer, bus, automobile and motorcycle crashes; accidents caused by drunk drivers; and injuries caused by landowner negligence. 

Since it was first published in 1983, Best Lawyers has become universally regarded as the definitive guide to legal excellence.  Best Lawyers lists are compiled based on an exhaustive peer-review evaluation. Over 87,000 industry leading attorneys are eligible to vote from around the world, and almost 10 million votes have been received to date on the legal abilities of other lawyers based on their specific practice areas around the world. 

For the 2019 Edition of The Best Lawyers in America, 7.8 million votes were analyzed, which resulted in almost 60,000 leading lawyers being included in the new edition. Lawyers are not required or allowed to pay a fee to be listed; therefore inclusion in Best Lawyers is considered a singular honor. Corporate Counsel magazine has called Best Lawyers “the most respected referral list of attorneys in practice.”

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R Russo BL 2020


Once again, tragedy strikes on Interstate 380 in the Pocono area when an Academy bus and an Xtra tractor trailer collided on June 3, 2015, causing three deaths and multiple injuries on this highway.  Reports indicate that the Academy bus, marked with Viaggidea on it, was transporting Italian tourists to Niagara Falls via Interstate 380. The Citizen’s Voice newspaper reports that the crash occurred on the same stretch of highway in Monroe County where singer Gloria Estefan was injured when a tractor trailer crashed into her tour bus in 1990 while heading to a concert in Syracuse, New York. At Rosenn Jenkins & Greenwald, we are very familiar with the area of the crash. The Chairman of our Personal Injury Practice, Richard A. Russo, was one of the attorneys who represented Gloria Estefan in that crash, as well as multiple crash victims in a more recent bus accident on Interstate 380.

As a result of our experience in handling commercial vehicle accidents, we recognize the importance of moving quickly to preserve significant evidence. We know that buses and tractor trailers are equipped with black box like devices that can record critically important data regarding the cause of the crash, and we know that this data can be forever lost if a victim’s lawyer does not act more quickly to have it preserved. It is vitally important for accident victims to hire an experienced bus and tractor trailer accident lawyer as soon as possible to preserve evidence and protect their rights.

At Rosenn Jenkins & Greenwald, we also are very sensitive to the human aspect of commercial vehicle crashes. We have a deep appreciation for the tragic loss of life and unimaginable harm that often results to entire families from collisions involving huge vehicles like a bus or semi-truck.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of Marco Fornasetti, Rino Guerra and Alfredo Telemaco, as well as to each of the injured victims of this terrible crash.

Pennsylvania Supreme Court to Determine Constitutionality of Dollar Limits in Lawsuits against Local Government Entities

Each day plaintiff’s attorneys throughout the Commonwealth fight diligently for the rights of their clients, ensuring that each client is awarded the fair and just compensation they so rightly deserve. However, what happens when the laws in place undermine the award granted to you by a jury of your peers? Recently the Pennsylvania Supreme Court granted allocator to determine the constitutionality of this very question.
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‘Tis the Season for More Motor Vehicle Accidents

The winter weather is starting to blow in and cause havoc on the roadways. Three people were recently killed in Northern California because of blustery rains and an Oakland, California man died after he crashed into a fallen tree while attempting to avoid debris in the road. In Yuba County, California, a woman died when a tree fell on the parked car where she was sitting. More than 50 cars have already been left stranded this winter in snowy rural Nevada.
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RSD: Difficult to Diagnosis and Very Costly if Untreated

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD), also known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), is a 125 year-old mystery. Although Dr. Silas Weir Mitchell recorded symptoms of RSD in Civil War soldiers, the causes and diagnosis of the syndrome remain unknown. Improving our understanding of the symptoms of RSD can enhance our ability to diagnose RSD and assist RSD victims.
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Tractor-Trailer Accidents are Increasing Again

After six years of decrease, the number of car crashes and fatalities increased last year. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that 33,651 people died in car accidents in 2012, compared to 32,479 in 2011. The total number of fatal crashes involving large trucks increased from 3,781 in 2011 to 3,921 in 2012. The number of people killed in large truck crashes increased by 8.9 percent and the number of people injured by 8.7 percent.
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Wrongful Death Compensation May Be Available in Pennsylvania for a Loved One’s Suicide

This past September, a 26-year-old man died of a drug overdose. His family filed a wrongful death suit against the archdiocese, a monsignor and the priest who abused the young man. The victim’s family claims the church officials knew of multiple pedophile complaints against the priest, ignored them and assigned him to a new parish in Philadelphia. It was there that the priest sexually abused the boy for numerous years, beginning when he was 11 years old, in 1998. Did the priest cause this young man’s death? Continue reading “Wrongful Death Compensation May Be Available in Pennsylvania for a Loved One’s Suicide”