Category: Litigation

Motion to Dismiss Successfully Defended

Bob Schaub and TJ Jensen, lawyers with Rosenn, Jenkins & Greenwald’s litigation department, were recently successful in defending a Motion to Dismiss in a federal action pending in the Middle District of Pennsylvania.

The action stems from an alleged breach of lease agreement involving a rock quarry operation. The Motion to Dismiss was filed by opposing counsel in an effort to dismiss a substantial counterclaim filed by Schaub and Jensen on behalf of their client.

Schaub and Jensen will now vigorously pursue their client’s claims for damages.

Recovering from Bad Faith Insurance

We purchase car insurance to protect our cars, home insurance to protect our houses and belongings, health insurance to protect our well-being and life insurance to protect our loved ones after we die. All of these insurance policies are purchased with the belief that the policy covers losses, injuries or other damages. All too often, insurance companies fail to provide the promised reimbursement and attempt to minimize your payout in every way possible.
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