Business Owners Should Closely Monitor Guidance to Ensure In-Person Operations Remain Compliant and as Safe as Possible.

As businesses continue to strive to conduct in-person operations during the pandemic that are both compliant with Government Orders and as safe as possible for employees and customers, owners should closely monitor and review the guidance issued by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the CDC concerning the steps that are required and/or recommended for such in-person operations. To effectively institute such required and/or recommended safeguards, businesses should adopt a formal COVID-19 Response Plan that outlines how the business will conduct in-person operations, including the designation of a “Pandemic Safety Officer” for the business and the posting of required notices at the place of business.

Rosenn, Jenkins & Greenwald, LLP is prepared to assist businesses in adopting a COVID-19 Response Plan and/or reviewing and suggesting revisions to an existing Response Plan that was prepared for such purpose. Please contact Paul T. Rushton, Esquire ( or Kieran M. Casey, Esquire ( via e-mail or call (570) 826-5600 if you are interested in learning more about these services.