By helping business owners plan for and implement ownership succession, Rosenn Jenkins & Greenwald, LLP helps them invest in the future of their business and commit to long-term success in the marketplace.

In our business succession practice, our corporate and business attorneys work with our estate planning lawyers to establish a plan to continue your business and increase the possibility for continued profitability in the event you’re no longer around to operate it. Whether the succession is planned for inside or outside of the family, our team offers cutting-edge taxation planning and legal strategies for any dynamic. When working with our lawyers to create a succession plan that ensures your business survives for years to come, you also demonstrate your dedication to growing the business, while maintaining stability and obtaining long-term profits.

Experienced Business Lawyers

When we assist you with your business succession plans, we start by analyzing business preparations, personal wills and trusts; family limited partnerships; corporate structures; and any insurance policies that may exist. Subject to your needs, Rosenn Jenkins & Greenwald, LLP’s attorneys modify operating agreements, corporate bylaws, buy-sell contracts and incentive and compensation plans — or we create them when they do not exist. Our team has experience in structuring business succession plans in a variety of tax-efficient ways including:

  • Forming charitable trusts and private foundations for the distribution of wealth
  • Advising on intra-family loans, seller-provided financing and sales to special trusts known as “defective grantor trusts”
  • Coordinating insurance policies, whether to trust or payable to other entities to avoid significant estate taxes.
  • Creating family limited liability companies or family limited partnerships used to combine ownership of assets, minimize gift and estate taxation, and manage financial and real estate assets, among other benefits
  • Revising corporate documents and ownership transfer agreements to ensure that shares or membership interests pass quickly and cleanly in the event of retirement or death
  • Structuring and selecting more favorable retirement scenarios in coordination with accountants and financial planners

Protecting Businesses for 60 Years

Rosenn Jenkins & Greenwald, LLP has been helping our clients protect their businesses and provide for succession for nearly 60 years. Our attorneys are knowledgeable in the full range of practices necessary for succession planning, including taxation, contract law, estate planning and corporate governance.

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