Attorneys Rob Gawlas and Bob Schaub Successfully Defended a Client’s Oil and Gas Rights in Susquehanna County

Congratulations to Attorneys Rob Gawlas and Bob Schaub for successfully defending a client's oil and gas rights in Susquehanna County

Rob Gawlas and Bob Schaub, attorneys with Rosenn, Jenkins & Greenwald’s Litigation Department, were recently successful in defending a client’s oil and gas rights in Susquehanna County. The heirs of a previous owner of the client’s property sought to recover a substantial sum of money that the client had received from oil and gas drilling on his property. Attorneys Schaub and Gawlas secured the payment of hundreds of thousands of dollars in royalties to their client that were being held in escrow by the gas company, and successfully argued that the heirs of the previous owner could not recover payment in excess of $300,000 that was paid to the client by the gas company.

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