Attention Renters and Property Owners: The Order Suspending Residential Evictions and Foreclosures has Expired

Pennsylvania’s moratorium on residential evictions and foreclosures for the nonpayment of rent or mortgage payments expired yesterday, August 31, 2020. Accordingly, residential evictions for the nonpayment of rent or holdover of a tenant can commence today, September 1, 2020. Similarly, foreclosures which are subject to the notice requirements of Act 6 and Act 91 (statutory notices required to be sent before residential foreclosures) may also proceed starting today. Importantly, the now expired Order prohibiting evictions and foreclosures did not relieve tenants/mortgagors of their obligation to make rental/mortgage payments during the moratorium period. Therefore, evictions and foreclosures for payments not made during the moratorium period may now commence, as well.

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